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EID’s board has failed ratepayers. They’ve passed rate hikes of 102% for 2010-2015 with 11% more coming in 2014. Including unfunded pensions, debt has quadrupled to nearly one-half billion dollars… $12,500 per ratepayer. Ratepayers are being forced to finance capacity expansion for developers and pay for wasteful overhead. Rather than fighting for ratepayer interests, EID’s board-majority rubber-stamped all of management’s last four annual budgets and virtually all of management’s last two hundred individual proposed projects. All this is wrong.

I’m running to rein in rate hikes and runaway spending and stop forcing ratepayers to pay extra to subsidize special interests. As a retired Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer I’ve twice led successful financial turnarounds to fix financially-broken companies. I served on EID’s cost of services panel (where I alone fought for regular ratepayers), attended and spoke for ratepayers at many EID board meetings, and co-launched ratepayer advocacy website www.FixEID.org.  My public record proves I stand up for the financial interests of EID’s 38,000 regular ratepayers.

As your EID director, I will direct EID management to stop squandering ratepayers’ money, rein in rate hikes, and put ratepayers’ interests first.  Your vote for me is a vote for fairness and your wallet.

Prada4Ratepayers.org                                                      FixEID13@gmail.com

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